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In progress


Interactive infographic showing the impact of health-promoting dietary substitutions.

Unlike many nutrition sites, SwapItOut chooses the most relevant data for the chosen foods, displaying those data clearly and meaningfully.

In future, SwapItOut will recommend swaps automatically based on the data.

postgreSQL node vue bulma

Built with Vue and laid out with Bulma...

...fed by a custom API built with Express and Node...

...accessing a PostgreSQL database via PgPromise for Node.

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Cross Reference

for Google Docs

5000 users

Featuring custom labelling, styling, and list-of-figure generation.

javascript jquery

“Thanks to you I really don’t miss anything from Word or Libre Office anymore!”


“I used it for referencing my works cited using in-text attribution and it works wonders.”


Text Cleaner

9000 users

Advanced formatting clearance

Footnote Style

7000 users

Custom styling for footnotes

Link Style

2000 users

Custom styling for links

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Workload Modelling

with VBA in Excel

This project was undertaken for the University of Warwick. It involved the creation of an Excel workbook to allocate teaching and admin to staff and to quantify staff workload for comparison.

The final product included an automatically populated timetable making use of advanced VBA.

Working with David has been a pleasure. He really took time to understand our needs and to develop creative solutions to the problems we were facing.

Fabienne Peter

Head of Department, Philosophy Department
University of Warwick

The end product [David] has produced has exceeded expectations and delivers just what we need it to – reducing the need for manual processes and improving our modelling capabilities no end.

Emily Hargreaves

Operations Manager, Philosophy Department
University of Warwick

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Data Manipulation

with Python

Python library Pandas was used to clean and reshape data collected from Qualtrics in preparation for analysis by psychologists at the University of Warwick.

A Python script was needed to concatenate hundreds of CSV files, rehape the data, and to derive values not explicitly recorded from the distribution of data among over 100 columns.

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This page is written in pure HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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